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Acct 301 Unit 10 Assignment Joanna Aeschbacker

Acct 301 Unit 10 Assignment Joanna Aeschbacker - Joanna...

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Joanna Aeschbacker Unit 10 Reflection Accounting 301 During my academic path in accounting, I have been introduced to numerous new concepts in the accounting world. Many of the concepts that are part of the accounting curriculum, I have previously been exposed to in one form or another, either on a personal or professional level. General bookkeeping, double entry accounting, payroll concepts, inventory valuation, unearned income, etc…The curriculum here at Kaplan has helped to solidify and build on my basic knowledge and experiences. However, I have never been exposed on a personal level to all of the different investment opportunities that are available for publicly traded companies. It was a little bit difficult to swallow all the information in the last few units concerning the different types of stocks and bonds because I don’t really have real life scenarios that I have experienced in my personal or professional life to build on. It’s intimidating! A necessary evil, I suppose! I have a 401K that
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