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Unit 10 Writing assisgnment-Joanna Aeschbacker

Unit 10 Writing assisgnment-Joanna Aeschbacker - this term...

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My journey started about ten years ago, when I was forced into accounting. I am now divorced, but when I was married, we started out own business and got smacked in the face with accounting! We had no idea how to organize our business, how to keep accurate records to monitor our cash flow for our own purposes and for state, local and federal tax purposes. What a mess! We felt like ignoramuses! The business eventually tanked, but I found I actually enjoyed working with the numbers! It led into a management career for a tax preparation firm and helping small business with their start up procedures. I decided a few years ago that I would pursue a degree in accounting. It seemed only logical since I have been dipping my feet in the accounting pool for the last several years. There are so many things that make so much sense now, putting a rhyme and reason into things I was already doing, knowing I needed to do things a certain way, but not really knowing why. Something new that was introduced to me
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Unformatted text preview: this term was the Sarbonnes Oxley Act and other legislation that has been passed to protect the integrity of accounting. I knew there were regulations, but I wasn’t really sure what they were and the circumstances behind these regulations being introduced. The more I study accounting, the more I realize the depth of this field and the different opportunities that are out there that require some form of accounting. My interest in this field began with tax preparing. But preparing a tax return requires accurate data, which is only available with an accurate set of books, which is only available if you know how to keep an accurate set of books (or can pay someone to do it for you)! I want to be that person! I want to be paid to make people’s headaches go away! I found with numbers there is almost always a solution and that is a beautiful thing. So I continue my journey…...
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