Unit 7 Project-Joanna Aeschbacker

Unit 7 Project-Joanna Aeschbacker - Joanna Aeschbacker Unit...

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Joanna Aeschbacker Unit 7 Project The Meaning of Happiness, as told by Oma and O’Shea…
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Joanna Aeschbacker My Grandmother, Oma as we call her, is in her late 70’s. She has survived a stroke and her husband. My opa; her first and only love, who made every effort to support her and their growing family, whom she met when she was 16 and helped keep hidden so he wasn’t drafted in to Hitler’s Army. They were married for 57 years. They came to America on a catholic lottery, with a 2 year old and one on the way, speaking no English. She has lived to be the matriarch of a super tight knit family of 6 children, 17 grand children and 9 great grandchildren. The definition of her life is not complete without love and family. She has always depended on the love of her family, which has always been the source of her happiness. She has never known a day in her life without it. And as she draws near to the end of her life, she thrives off the love her family brings to her. She wouldn’t be strong without it. She stills depends on it for the daily support she needs to get through her day. Otherwise, what’s the point? My first born child, O’Shea, has proven to me that I have more work to do as a parent! O’Shea is 11 years old, born to a single, unwed mother of age 18. O’Shea is, although you wouldn’t be able to tell from his interview, a gifted child. He was granted a position as 1 of 30 students invited out of more than 500 students to participate in the gifted program for the city. He was the state winner for Virginia in the annual Arbor Day poster contest. He is currently playing trumpet ad participating in several different
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Unit 7 Project-Joanna Aeschbacker - Joanna Aeschbacker Unit...

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