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Final Project-Unit 9-Joanna Aeschbacker

Final Project-Unit 9-Joanna Aeschbacker - Final...

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Final Project-Unit 9 The Time Capsule Joanna Aeschbacker
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Life, for me, is existing. Living, for me, is existing within balance of the things that we need to exist and the things that make our life worthwhile. On a daily basis, I struggle with this balance. My life story is not unique. I am divorced single mom of two children. I work several different jobs, both in and out of the home, to support my children, of who receive little to no support from their father. Trying to provide a happy home for my boys is my daily experience. Some days are all work and no play! That really irritates my kids!! Some days are all play and no work, and that really irritates me! But every now and then, the clouds open up and let the sunshine in. We have time for work, time for play and time to enjoy each other and the existence we share. Those days, those moments, are what make my life worthwhile. I anticipate more days like those to come as my children get older and can appreciate our circumstances. In the world today, we are exposed to all kinds of good and all kinds of evil. We are constantly coming to intersections where which turn we decide to make can affect the outcome of our lives or the lives of others. Our decision on which way to turn depends on our sense of morality. One major moral decision that faces many people today, especially teenage girls, is abortion. Right now, people are allowed to determine the fate of an unborn child developing within them. Some people think it is immoral to abort; that it is equivalent to murder. Some people feel it is a female’s choice and it is not immoral to
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Final Project-Unit 9-Joanna Aeschbacker - Final...

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