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Joanna Aeschbacker-Definitions Assignment-Unit 1-LS311

Joanna Aeschbacker-Definitions Assignment-Unit 1-LS311 - A...

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Assignment-Unit 1 Business Law LS 311 Joanna Aeschbacker
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Common Law refers to the basic traditional laws that originated in England to help unify the legal system around the year 1100. Up until Common Law traditions were formed, courts in different localities around England were not cohesive in how cases were tried and how the rulings were given, it was based more on local legal customs. Having somewhat descended from the England, the United States has adopted a similar system based around common law tradition. A jurisdiction is an area-county, city, state, etc…were a court or courts have the authority to apply the law. A precedent, in legal terms, would be a previous decision made in a court of law that serves as an example or authority for deciding subsequent cases that involve similar legalities.
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Unformatted text preview: A statute is a law passed by congress and state legislatures. They set forth general propositions of the law that courts can apply to specific situations. Statutes begin as a bill that is proposed by legislature. It must pass through the legislative committee process and be approved by the house and the senate. It becomes law when it is signed by the president. A remedy is basically the final ruling in a case and it provides some form of compensation to a violated party. References (n.d.). Retrieved from http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com Miller, R., & Jentz, G. (2008). Fundamentals of business law part I . Boston, MA: Cengage....
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Joanna Aeschbacker-Definitions Assignment-Unit 1-LS311 - A...

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