Joanna Aeschbacker-Unit7-8-InterviewwithaProfessional

Joanna Aeschbacker-Unit7-8-InterviewwithaProfessional -...

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Interview with a Professional (Due in Unit 8) Full Name:  Joanna Aeschbacker                    Two-digit Section #:  01 Instructions:    Download this document to your computer before filling it out. Save using SAVE AS and add  your name to the front removing the phrase “YourName” All of the gray boxes below should be  appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the  Unit 8  dropbox. You should conduct the interview in person or by phone. In person is best if at all possible There are many helpful tools to help you in choosing whom to Interview. A great tip is choosing someone  that is within your chosen major or concentration. There is a great online resource called O*net, which  provides detailed information on career, industry, interview tips and many more.  Choose a person with at least a 2 year degree who is currently working or retired from the field of interest  for which you are obtaining your degree. Provide the following information about the person you  interviewed: Name of the person interviewed Jennifer Goodman Phone number 540-903-9626 Date interviewed 10/13/2010 Company name Booz Allen Highest Degree earned      Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting     College or University where the degree was earned: Strayer University If you want to interview someone without a degree, please contact your instructor first. Be sure to give the credentials of the person you would like to interview to obtain approval to interview a non-degreed
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Joanna Aeschbacker-Unit7-8-InterviewwithaProfessional -...

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