Hooping-Unit 3 Project-Joanna Aeschbacker

Hooping-Unit 3 Project-Joanna Aeschbacker - Part II:...

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Unformatted text preview: Part II: Hooping Recently, my sister has become involved with Hula Hooping. Over the summer, in an effort to promote the downtown area businesses, Lynchburg shut down the roads and had a sort of street festival. The street festival was a lot of fun. Different businesses were passing out free things. All kinds of delicious food vendors, art on display from local artists, balloons and streamer everywhere! Lynchburg did it right! There were several different performers as well, like break dancers, musicians covering different genres of music, tattoo artists, and belly dancers, to name a few. But the performers that we were they to see were the hoopers! That’s right! The Hula Hoopers! The Hooping women were dressed in classy, burlesque type outfits (if there is such a thing). They donned colorful, vivid makeup reminiscent of mimes. And while walking on 4 foot stilts they were working multiple hula hoops! I’m talking about around the waist, around the neck, across their shoulders like multiple hula hoops!...
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