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You Decide - You Decide I do agree with Raymond Burke...

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You Decide: I do agree with Raymond Burke. Lowering interest rates further could help businesses and consumers get back on their feet. Lowering the interest rates will allow for current business owners to get new loans to expand their business, even open new warehouses or shops. This will also allow for the current business owner to higher more employees, which means less people on unemployment. Lowering the interest rates will also allow for the future business owner to get a loan to start their new business. This will also allow for more people to get employed and off unemployment. With less people on unemployment and more people working, more people will be able to have extra spending money which will in-turn help boost the economy. I do not agree with Kathy Lee, raising taxes will decrease the amount of consumer spending and reducing government spending together will lower the GDP. Lowering the GDP would defeat the purpose of trying to strengthen the economy.
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