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Study Guide #3 for Geology 100 Weathering: Key terms and concepts : weathering (chemical and physical) joints spheroidal weathering erosion exfoliation Mass Wasting : mass movement, mass wasting talus, rockslide, rockfall mudflow, slump solifluction Groundwater : reservoir, groundwater infiltration, runoff aquifer, aquiclude permeability, porosity artesian flow perched water table sinkhole, karst Running Water : stream, river laminar, turbulent flow load (bed, suspended) dune, ripple, pothole valley, channel, floodplain meander, point bar, oxbow lake levee, tributary, distributary base level, longitudinal profile alluvial fan, terrace, delta divide, drainage basin drainage network (dendritic, rectangular, trellis, radial) Winds and Deserts : eolian (aeolian) deflation, desert pavement
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Unformatted text preview: sandblasting, ventifact yardang, barchan, transverse, blowout, linear loess desert varnish playa, dry wash, wadi, pediment, mesa Glaciers : glacier (valley, continental) accumulation, ablation iceberg calving, sublimation plastic flow, basal slip crevasse rock flour, striation cirque, arete U-shaped valley, hanging valley, fjord drift, till, erratic outwash, moraine drumlin, kame, varve kettle, esker Shorelines : coast, shoreline swell, wavelength longshore drift, current continental shelf, slope, canyon, rise abyssal plain turbidity current submarine fan Cycles : biosphere greenhouse effect photosynthesis stratosphere, ozone superplumes, bolide impacts cycle...
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