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Lecture 8

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Unformatted text preview: © E.Garcia 2010 FST 1 – Main topics – Lecture 08 Food and Our Senses – 2 TASTE sensation elicited by stimulation of taste receptor cells SMELL sensation elicited by stimulation of olfactory receptors FLAVOR TASTE + SMELL (Some experts also include other sensations) SMELL Odorants or odor compounds are volatile, small molecules, which do not dissolve in water. Odor compounds reach the olfactory receptors through two pathways: ‐ Orthonasal olfaction (sniffing through the nostrils) ‐ Retronasal o...
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  • Winter '10
  • CharlesF.Shoemaker
  • olfactory receptors, taste receptor cells, odor compounds, smell sensation, NASA Smell Tester

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