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Midterm - 2 What are the arguments(bullet point format for...

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MKTG500 – MARKETING CONCEPTS SPRING 2011 DR. HIEU NGUYEN MIDTERM EXAM HBS CASE: CLEAN EDGE RAZOR: SPLITTING HAIRS IN PRODUCT POSITIONING Instruction: This is an open-book, open-note exam and you are required to type up your answers using 12-pt font size, double-spaced Word format and submit it through Turnitin. The deadline for your Turnitin submission is 10:00pm March 8 th 2011 (today), after which time you will not be able to submit your exam. 1. Using the case information and the BCG matrix framework, classify Paramount Pro, Paramount Avail, and Clean Edge. (10 pts)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What are the arguments (bullet point format) for launching Clean Edge as: a. A niche product. (15 pts) b. A mainstream brand. (15 pts) c. Which would you recommend and why? (20 pts) d. What are the strategic implications of your recommendation? (10 pts) 3. Based on your positioning strategy, what brand name and marketing budget allocations would you advise? (10 pts) 4. Referring to the Product lifecycle and 4 P’s framework, make recommendations for successfully launching Clean Edge. (20 pts)...
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