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Chapter 6-7 keywords - ANT 2511 DEFINED KEY WORDS CONCEPTS...

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ANT 2511 DEFINED KEY WORDS & CONCEPTS CHAPTERS 06 AND 07 Key Words Chap06 An Overview of the Primates Primates – order of mammals Evolutionary Trends – traits of order Traits Limbs and Locomotion Prehensile - grasp Diet and Teeth Generalized dentition – variety of foods Senses and the Brain Color vision – diurnal (day) primates Depth perception – vision Maturation, Learning, and Behavior Offspring - few Maturation – delayed Learned behavior – dependent on Primate Adaptations Explanations Evolutionary Factors Arboreal hypothesis –tree living (climbing) Visual Predation - insects Flowering Plants – vision and feel fruit in branches Dental Formula 1
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Old World Anthropoids (2 premolars) New World Monkeys (3 premolars) Locomotion Quadrupedal – on fours (all except humans) Vertical Clinging & Leaping – on branches Brachiation - arms Prehensile Tails – New World, grasp branches Primate Classification (Taxonomy) Traditionally physical- compares similar bodies,etc. Biochemical data – compares DNA etc Revised Classification Great Apes and humans same family Traditional
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