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Chapter 9 keywords - Ant 2511 Key Words or Concepts Chap 09...

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Ant 2511 Key Words or Concepts Chap 09 THE EARLIEST DISPERSAL OF GENUS HOMO: HOMO ERECTUS AND CONTEMPORARIES ________________________________________________ Introduction Early hominids found only Africa 2 million years ago first hominids expand out of Africa into other areas of Old World New Grade of Hominid (Homo erectus and contemporaries) Larger Terrestrial Elaborate stone tools Genus Homo Most species Homo erectus (In Africa a possible separate species) Grade H. erectus a “grade” “Grade” group similar adaptive pattern ____________________________________________________ Morphology Homo erectus Brain Obvious difference from early Homo Mean 900 cm 3 . Body Larger Nariokotome skeleton (best example, almost complete) Cranial (skull) Thick Large brow ridges Nuchal torus Vault (forehead) is long and low Cranium wider at base below ears 1
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_________________________________________________ The First Homo erectus: Homo erectus from Africa Most likely Homo erectus evolved in East Africa Homo erectus Sites in Africa Several locations in East Africa Olduvai Louis Leakey A thinner cranium than Asian H. erectus Name “Homo ergaster” suggested Nariokotome H. erectus skeleton . Frequently called “Homo ergaster” “Homo ergaster” Suggested for African remains ___________________________________________________ Who Were the Earliest African Emigrants? New grade hominid Africa shortly after 2 m.y.a Assumed that hominids who migrated to Europe and Asia were
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