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Curve Chart - that there is in effect a sort of bonus for...

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Ant2511 Fall 09 Take GEP Post-test quiz if you have not done so Curve for Final Grades In anticipation that most of the class will take the GEP Post-test there will be a curve this term for the benefit of all as shown below. 89 = A 88= A- (remember that this “minus” still raises what could have been a lower grade) This gives very high percent of A’s (any more this term would be ridiculous - don’t ask!) Scores are rounded-up (88.5 = 89) The rest of the term averages/letter grades are also “curved” in order
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Unformatted text preview: that there is in effect a sort of bonus for all students because of GEP quiz participation For example the average which originally would have been a B starting at 80 is now a B+ To make this work across the board : B + starts at 80 (instead of a B starting at 80) B starts at 75 B- starts at 70 C+ for some slightly lower than above See syllabus for information about curve, dropping low score, etc. You may be able to see your unofficial letter grade in a couple of days in the row next to your average...
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