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Exam 1 FAQ - Bring your own test answer form A half-sheet...

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Ant2000 and Ant2511 Fall 09 Preparing for Exam 1 Twenty-five questions will be based on key words from chapters 1-4 1) The terms will be selected from the lists provided on Webcourses 2) The selected key words are restricted to those defined in the margins of the text Therefore 4) Key words in the text must also appear on the Webcourse list to be used Therefore 4) Key words on the Webcourse list must also appear in the text to be used
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Unformatted text preview: Bring your own test answer form A half-sheet raspberry- colored form with the UCF logo The Student Government Office in the Student Union has free froms Your PID must be entered Return test and form No lecture after test Scores are found on “myUCF grades” not on Webcourses...
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