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SYLLABUS Aug 23, 2009 University of Central Florida Fall 2009 Ant2511: Human Species Mr. George A. Long, M.A. Phillips Hall 409Q 407 823-6503 E-mail < [email protected] > Sections 001 (9:00AM) 003 (4:30PM) 005 (3:00PM) Office Hours: Tues and Thurs 10:15-11:15AM (and other times by appointment) Weds 10AM to 12PM and 1PM to 3PM Graduate Teaching Assistant hours The GTAs will have be able to go over your “scantron” with students who suspect an error or want to see what questions they missed E-Mail Students are expected to use “knights” e-mail for UCF business Open a Knights E-mail account as soon as possible Student e-mails should reference the course and section in the “subject” such as Ant2000.001 or Ant2511.003 N1H1 FLU Students should not come to class if they have flu symptoms A doctor’s note is not required from students who suspect they have the flu Check “Webcourses” to see what is being covered in class All of the information needed for a test is in the textbook The instructor will specify what parts of the chapters are most important to prepare for a makeup test Ant2511:The Human Species (Course Description) Human biological variation in an evolutionary perspective (3 credit hours) Goals 1
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Goals include the development of critical thinking skills by evaluating the methods of natural science and scientific limitations as applied to the study of human biological evolution and related cultural manifestations. Required Text The Custom Edition of "Essentials of Physical Anthropology" by Jurmain et al, subtitle “Selected Chapters for UCF” Either the custom (6 th edition) version with grey. blue, and black cover) Or the custom 7 th edition with a white cover and stone statutes (Easter Island) Or use the complete book if a used copy is found at a better price. Either the 7 th edition or 6 th edition will work (just disregard three chapters) Course Requirements Students are required to take four exams Expectations To successfully complete the course, students should expected to : 1) Read the text to better understand the lectures and videos 2) Consult the course [email protected] site often to: a) Determine what the lectures will cover. Often a list of key words and other information will prove useful to bring to class.
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Syllabus - SYLLABUS University of Central Florida Fall 2009...

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