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Test 2 old exam - Ant 2511 Exam 2(chaps 6-7 Long 1 The...

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Ant 2511 Exam 2 (chaps 6-7) Long Summer A08 1. The “primates” order a) generalized b) highly specialized c) very derived 2. Prehensile hands and feet enable a) walking b) grasping c) communication 3. Primates have increase sense of a) vision b) smell c) both 4. The traditional explanation claims that primates traits were adaptations to deserts a. t b. f 5. Visual predation hypothesis” refers to primates a) hunting for food b) hiding from predators 6. Old World and New World monkeys have the same amount of premolars a. t b. f 7. Most primates are___ a. quadrupedal b. bipedal 8. Monkeys with prehensile tails a) Old World b) New World c) both 9. Comparative geonomics” a) DNA sequence b) physical characteristics c) geology 10. Some primatologists consider ____ in same family as humans a) great apes b) tarsiers 11. . The two largest divisions of the order primates are prosimians and hominoids a. t b. f
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12. Who lives in Madagascar a. Bonobos b. lemurs c. gorillas 13. Loris
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