Lab 4 Linear Momentum

Lab 4 Linear Momentum - Lab 4 Linear Momentum Experiments...

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1 Lab 4: Linear Momentum Experiments Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate the momentum theorem, with the scope of this lab being restricted to linear momentum concepts. The lab will consist of two parts, one with water and the other with air as the flowing medium. The relevant theory is covered in your textbook by the linear momentum equation, Eq. 5.22, and Section 5.2.2, Application of the Linear Momentum Equation . Objectives: Upon completion of this lab, the student should be able to 1) understand the basic concepts of linear momentum, 2) have a greater understanding of Bernoulli’s equation, and 3) compare experimental and theoretical results of the forces acting on the systems analyzed in lab. Background: Figure 1 shows a diagram of the apparatus that will be used to study a linear momentum application using water as the flowing medium. The pump delivers water to a nozzle flow meter that creates a jet that impinges on the moveable plate assembly shown. Fig. 1: Apparatus for Linear Momentum Experiments with Water as the Fluid. The pump intakes the water from the tank and pushes the fluid past the flow control valve and the nozzle flow meter. The flow of water through the system is controlled by the flow-control valve and the speed of the variable-speed motor. This jet of water impacts the impingement plate and is diverted outward to the plexiglass enclosure. With the proper water flow rate, the impingement of the water jet on the plate will cause the assembly consisting of impingement plate, platform plate, and the weights to "float" on the water jet. This water then returns to the holding tank where it continues the cycle. As described below, the flow rate through the system can be calculated from static pressure readings for the flow meter and knowledge of the flow meter type and geometry.
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2 Deriving the Volumetric Flow Rate from Bernoulli’s Equation: Data acquisition will be used to find the velocity and volumetric flow rate of the water. The experimental calculations will be compared with the theoretical results using the linear momentum equation. Figure 2 shows the nozzle flow meter and the computer-aided pressure measurement system. Because of the elevation difference between sections (1) and (2), it is important to examine
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Lab 4 Linear Momentum - Lab 4 Linear Momentum Experiments...

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