Internet Security - I nternet Security User account...

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Internet Security User account management is the simple process of giving people accounts and passwords A firewall serves as a barrier between the internal and the external networks and prevents unauthorized access to the internal network. Antivirus software , regularly updated with the latest virus definitions, is the best defense against viruses, Trojan horses and worms Encryption is the best protection against traffic interception resulting in data leaks. Encryption converts data Into a code and then a key is required to convert the code back to data. Virus: execute itself, replicate itself Trojan horse do not replicate themselves, it’s a program that does something besides what a person believes it will do. A worm is a program that replicates itself from system to system without the use of any host file. The difference between a worm and a virus is that the worm does not require the use of an infected host file, while the virus does require the spreading of an infected host file. Worms generally exist inside of other files. A virus hoax is an e-mail telling you that a file on your computer is a virus when it isn't. Cybercrime The NCCS explicitly lists the following as the most serious computer crimes: Intrusions of the Public Switched Network (the telephone company), Major computer network intrusions, Network integrity violations, Privacy violations, Industrial espionage, and Pirated computer software. The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) defines computer crime as:
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Internet Security - I nternet Security User account...

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