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American Political Behaviors Notes(2)

American Political Behaviors Notes(2) - A merican Political...

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American Political Behavior Notes 1-28-10 Chapter 1: Candidates seeking the presidential nomination through the primaries, minor-party candidates, and citizens with views no represented by the major parties may find themselves unable to get a hearing. 10 Many of the rules governing elections in the United States were designed to weed out nuisance candidates and to limit attention to those with some degree of public support. 10 Although never a major theme in democratic theory, a fair election must allow for a thorough and accurate recount to ensure that the official’s results faithfully reflect the voters’ choices. All vote-counting procedures are susceptible to error and fraud, so the occasional authentication of official returns is crucial to maintaining the legitimacy of elections in general. 13 Political culture is the set of values and beliefs that support (or sometime undermine) political processes and institutions. 14 Pride in the nation and its democratic form of government translates into high levels of political system support. 15 A democratic system requires confidence in its institutions and processes. It also requires citizens feel competent to involve themselves in politics. 23 Chapter 2: Because throughout American history different state and local election practices have
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