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American Political Behaviors Weekly Synthesis 2(2)

American Political Behaviors Weekly Synthesis 2(2) -...

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Tyler Farrar American Political Behaviors Weekly Writing Synthesis 2 February 4 th , 2010 Media and Public Opinion The mass media plays a key role in American politics. Voters decide which candidate they wish to support from the information delivered to them by the media. Today’s voters are not as anchored in partisan beliefs as they once were. The political party was once the main outlet for voters to receive information about the candidates and their political views. The decrease in partisanship, as well as the emergence of television, has made the media the main source of political information for citizens. The voters want to choose the candidates based on leadership capabilities, issues, and how well they believe that a candidate would do in office. However, Today’s voters are bombarded with opinionated journalism and biased media. The press is out to deliver news and not capable of being an adequate guide to political choice. However, voters are aware of this and I would argue that they are able to filter out the biases of the media and
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Unformatted text preview: determine which candidate is the best by their own accord. Over the past few decades, television has played a huge role in delivering news to the masses. People use television to gather information about political campaigns and the specific candidates. The media can have a serious effect on public opinion. As Flanigan and Zingale discuss in Political Behavior in the American Electorate , public opinion is the collective attitudes of the public towards the issues of the day (127). Public opinion polls are used by journalists to determine how the public feels about specific issues. 1 2 Works Cited: Ansolabehere, Stephen and Shanto Iyengar, Adam Simon, Nicholas Valentino. “Does Attack Advertising Demobilize the Electorate?” The American Political Science Review 88. (Dec): pp 829-838. Flannigan, William H. and Nancy H. Zingale. 2010 [12 th edition]. Political Behavior of the American Electorate. Washington, D.C: CQ Press. 3...
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