ch6studyguide - responsive than collectively responsible?...

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Ch. 6 Study Guide 02:04 Explain how the Constitutional structure of Congress emerged during the Federal Convention What are the powers of Congress? How does each chamber differ in terms of its powers? How does the electoral system (separate elections for president and congress and voting in  congressional districts by plurality vote) affect the politics of Congress? What are Congressional districts and when and why do they change? Why are congressional politics more candidate-centered than party-centered and what are the  implications of this fact? Does incumbency guarantee reelection to the House or Senate? Why or why not? How do national politics affect Congressional races? What does it mean when we say members of Congress have more incentives to be individually 
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Unformatted text preview: responsive than collectively responsible? And what are the negative outcomes of this? What are the characteristics of those who serve in Congress? What problems does Congress have to overcome in order to be an effective law-making body? What rose does ‘party’ play in the House and the Senate? What types of Committees have evolved in Congress? How are committee assignments made? Why are committees powerful? How does a bill become a law? What is the President’s role with regard to a bill? What do we mean when we say there is a ‘bias against action’ in Congress? VOCAB Coattails 02:04 02:04...
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ch6studyguide - responsive than collectively responsible?...

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