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D03463181 1 Global Warming: Changing the Climate Control Policies For the past 10 years, 2000 until today, we have experienced some phenomenal natural disasters. For example, the 2004 Indonesia tsunamis, 2010 Haiti earthquakes, 2010 Icelandic volcano eruption, and massive hurricanes in the Atlantic, and they are leaving everyone wondering, why? Even though these are natural disasters and it seems there is nothing we can do to avoid these catastrophes; we can help control the climate around us. Climatologists have been warning the government all around the world of the possible effects due to global warming and there is still no agreement on the action that needs to be taken. Since we have the attention of everyone, now is the best time to take action against global warming. Due to the increasing temperatures every year our public health and our agriculture/food supply is at high risk for new and worse diseases due to global warming; we need to change our climate control policies to protect ourselves. Gases are being trapped inside of earth’s atmosphere like a soda can, and are gradually increasing Earth’s temperatures that ice will start melting and there will be flooding due to rising sea levels; plants and animals will start becoming endangered (as cited in Cooper, 2001). We have already seen coastal flooding in parts of Central America and Bermuda’s forests are now endangered due to flooding (as cited in Clemmitt, 2006). Global warming has been an issue since factories were introduced to this world; gases and toxins are being highly exposed into our atmosphere causing a tremendous reaction to the balance of nature. This is where one ecological system cannot function without the other throwing off the equilibrium in the world, and causes bad weather patterns. Scientists since 1970 have been warning the government that automobiles and factories are emitting a high level of carbon dioxide and other gases into our atmosphere (as cited in Cooper, 2001). With all these gases mixing in the atmosphere we are prone to new and
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