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Torres.J1 HUMN 445 Wk 7 Term Paper Who are we? This is one of the biggest questions ever asked. Why do we act the way we do is the other biggest mystery in human life. Many philosophers have spent their whole lives trying to figure man out and have come to different theories. One of the best theorists was, Socrates. He had a different theory then most of the other philosophers in his time and he was criticized for his way of thinking. Did he succeed in his life quest of knowledge, I believe they all did. In order to answer the question, was Socrates right when saying, “Evil and other negative actions are the result of ignorance; you will need to understand the times when Socrates lived, his education and theories. First, let’s discuss the times Socrates lived, which were known as the Golden Age of Athens. Socrates was born in Athens 470 B.C., son of Sophroniscus, a sculptor, and Phaenavete, midwife. In the Golden Age of Athens, women had very few rights, were never allowed to accompany their husbands to any outside social events, or even eat at the same dinner table (Sedivy, 2011). There was no social life outside of the homes for married women. Women stayed home and tended to the kids and chores.
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