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Torres.J.Midterm 1 Does Culture Determine Human Rights? Have you ever took a look around and noticed how many different cultures we have in this world? We all have different beliefs and different ethical behaviors. Some focus more on the universal aspect that every culture will one day have the same system of law and rights as Western cultures, while relativists believe that a traditional culture is unalterable. Whoever said that there is only one right way; you might have noticed that you celebrate Christmas while others celebrate Hanukah. Two different cultural religious traditions, but the message still remains similar. Yes, we have grown up in different cultures and yes we have different ethical views, but as human beings we have the same basic rights. What are human rights, and why can’t we agree to them? One of the most controversial topics would be the Gay Rights rulings in U.S. and Canada Fuel Marriage Battle, one side shows support, while others do not. First, let me start by introducing the Gay Rights case. We have seen the biggest up rise between gay and lesbian marriage in 2003 and 2004. June 26 th , 2003 the U.S. Supreme Court demolished section 21.06 of the Texas penal code, which had criminalized “deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex (Whittington, 2011)”. U.S. Supreme court determined this to be unconstitutional and yet Texas still fines a $500 fee for gay and lesbians caught engaging in public. When is it enough; heterosexual couples are seen on a daily basis providing everyone with a public display of affection, so how come when a homosexual does the same thing, they are being immoral? June 10 th , the Court of Appeal for Ontario ruled that a marriage to be defined only as a male and a woman was against Canada’s Charter of Rights, again on July 8 th ; the British Columbia Court of Appeal followed along and announced legal marriage for same sex couples available immediately. In the United States, gay civil rights organization are still fighting for the right to be married instead of non marriage such as domestic partner, or civil union status. In case of an emergency and needed a decision on someone’s behalf, the
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Torres.j.Midterm - Torres.J.Midterm 1 Does Culture...

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