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Torres,Jessica 1 Article Analysis wk 3 Is it ever morally permissible for the state to take children away from their natural parents and place them in orphanages or with foster parents? In answering, consider situations in which the parents are alcoholics or drug addicts or neglect or abuse their children. A family is defined by having a mother, father, son and daughter, but nobody said anything about being biological. There are situations when parents divorce and re marry bringing two families together. There are even situations when a couple cannot conceive naturally and adopt children who need good homes. Biological families are not always the happiest families, for example, children of alcoholics or even abusive parents do not experience true happiness in their lives. Not only do these harsh conditions traumatize kids but they tend to replicate when they get older. This behavior is acceptable to them because that’s what they were surrounded by growing up in their house. Children’s morals and ethical behaviors are corrupted by what they were taught growing up, drinking, fighting, yelling, and more is considered normal household behavior. The state should be able to take children from their natural parents and placed with foster parents, due to the fact doing nothing could cause short and long term damage.
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