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Torres,Jessica 1 Article Analysis wk 5 Many urban police departments use undercover policewomen to arrest men who do business with prostitutes. The policewomen dress like prostitutes and walk up and down streets where prostitutes are known to work. When unsuspecting men approach the policewoman and proposition them, they are arrested. Is it ethically defensible for police to use such tactics? When you look up and down your neighboring streets, have you noticed the numerous amount of illegal activity? I hope not but sadly some people can answer yes to this question. There is tons of drugs and prostitution all over the country that we need to start enhancing our law enforcement officer’s techniques in apprehending these criminals. Protecting our kids from this way of life is first and foremost, we do not want our children exposed to this kind of environment. We need to advertise healthy ways of life more than the bad, explaining sex is a good thing, but could also be bad when abused. One of the best ways to scare and maintain both men and prostitutes is for policewomen to go undercover and make arrest. First, we are putting a huge amount of fear into men who purchase these prostitutes, by never knowing when it will be a policewoman undercover or just a regular working girl. Although there is nothing showing how many men has actually pay for sex, statistics shows that
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Torres.J.Article.Analysis.Wk5 - Torres,Jessica 1 Article...

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