CH-22-26-Exam-Review_36729 - 1 EXAM 3 REVIEW (CH 22 - 26)...

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1 EXAM 3 REVIEW (CH 22 - 26) (Sadava text Ch 21-23 & 25) ALSO: Be familiar with Key Terms for CH 22 - 26 and go over document titled “CH 22 - 26 Questions to Think About” CHAPTER 22 (Darwin & Modification) 1. Pre-Darwin: a. Aristotle (Scala Naturae); natural theology b. Shift in thought regarding Earth’s natural history; emergence of the fields of biogeography, comparative anatomy; geology raised many questions that questioned the idea that life could not change. c. Lamarck: Theory of Use & Dis-use; Inheritance of acquired characteristics d. Geology: strata; fossils 2. Darwin’s Voyage a. Darwin’s observations b. Descent with modification; adaptations 3. Influences on Darwin a. Field of Geology – Steno/Hutton/Lyell; Earth older > 6000 years (why is this important?); existence of fossils b. Artificial Selection c. Malthus – economist; human population growth v. food supply (resources are limiting, sets up struggle for existence; competition 4. Natural Selection: observations & inferences; differential reproductive success 5. Evidence for Evolution: a. Direct observation
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CH-22-26-Exam-Review_36729 - 1 EXAM 3 REVIEW (CH 22 - 26)...

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