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8/17/11 Control of eukaryotic gene transcription Ground state is off – requirement for activators Promoter region usually contains many binding sites for transcription factors and enhancers Besides basal promoter elements like TATA box at -30 and CCAT box around -80, there are enhancers. Enhancers can be located far away, 5’ or 3’, or even in introns of the gene Many transcription factors are modular: DNA binding domain and activation domain (for example, yeast Gal4, lexA) DNA is packed in chromatin: DNA is wrapped around nucleosome: positivly charged proteins. How tightly DNA is bound to these proteins determines whether its regulatory regions can be bound, and whether the gene can be transcribed. The modifications of histones is therefore very important: Everything that reduces their positive charge will lead to loosened up chromatin and better accessibility of the DNA. Hyper-transcribed genes are associated with histones with a lot of modifications (methylation and acetylation)
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Short-review-of-cha_44562 - Control of eukaryotic gene...

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