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Comprehensive Financial     1 Comprehensive Financial Analysis of PepsiCo, Inc. University of Phoenix FIN/404 February 23, 2009 Comprehensive Financial Analysis of PepsiCo, Inc. Introduction It is important for management and investors to periodically check on the financial standing of their firm. Even with a large multi-national corporation like PepsiCo an occasional evaluation of it’s
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Comprehensive Financial     2 financial standing is not only a good idea it is absolutely vital. Without a solid understanding of where the firm currently stands there is no way to intelligently move forward. Discuss the organization's management philosophy, product/service offerings, revenues, profits streams, and expenses over the last five years. Evaluate the organization's strategic plan and its implementation over the last five years in terms of achieving its stated objectives. Stephanie PepsiCo’s leadership philosophy is based on a foundation of choosing the most talented leaders to run the company and combining that talent with a three pronged approach that includes; human sustainability, environmental sustainability and talent sustainability. The company’s goal towards human sustainability encompasses the wide availability of products to meet various consumer needs while also promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The company strives to offer low calorie, low sugar and low fat alternatives as well as adding whole grains, vitamins and various fibers to their products. Environmental sustainability involves good stewardship of the environment by adhering to all environmental laws and regulations as well as improving conservation efforts with electricity and water. Talent sustainability involves attracting, hiring and retaining exceptional employees and by providing them with tools for professional success, ensuring that every department has a talented workforce. PepsiCo also embraces diversity by hiring women and minorities as well as providing rewarding job opportunities for talented individuals with disabilities (PepsiCo, 2009). PepsiCo offers a wide variety of products that include soft drinks, orange juice, bottled water, Lipton ice tea, various energy drinks, partnership with Starbucks and the Frito-Lay brand which covers a wide variety of snack foods. PepsiCo’s financial reports reflect that the corporation has had very successful revenue streams. From 2006 to 2007 the company has increased revenue by 12%. Long-term
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