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Unformatted text preview: MATHEMATICS 222 FALL TERM 2010 COURSE OUTLINE Instructors W. Jonsson and N. Sancho. Calendar description Prerequisite Math 141, familiarity with vector geometry or co-requisite Math 133.Not open to students who have taken CEGEP201-303 or Math 151, 152,227.Taylor series, Taylors theorem in one and several variables,Review of Vector geometry, Partial differentiation, directional derivatives, Extrema of functions of two or more variables, Parametric curves and arc length, polar and spherical co-ordinates, multiple integrals. References :Adams Calculus, Several variables (this book is likely to be a better investment if you do not already have Stewart as it is very useful for Advanced calculus); Stewart, the several variables version or the complete version or the book by Edwards and Penny NOTE The course will begin with infinite series. Grading Scheme The final (three hour) exam counts for 85% and assignments will count for 5% and a mid-term test (held on or about October 15) 10%.a mid-term test (held on or about October 15) 10%....
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