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lesson 12 - Elias Haroun Lesson 12 12-a 12-b 12-c 1. 2. 3....

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Elias Haroun Lesson 12 12-a ديعن ±ولأست ±²خد³ ثعبت ±وجر´³ ±اركذت µي¶ع·ت ذخآ ±ولز¸ت رف¹ت ق¶خº رمأن ±و¸ع¶³ »ع¼º ±اد·ست ½¶ع³ ±¾ع¸¿³ µيبÀ¹ت ±وع¿ست µبهذ³ 12-b ¾Áعطº Ãدبعن ½Á¸علا Äنوع¸¿ت ½كÅذخأ³ ½¹Æ¶´³ Ƕخدت Ǹ³ركذت ¾ÁنÈأس³ ¾¿Áع¿Éا 12-c 1. And God witnesses they are liars 2. O people of the book, why do you not believe in God's signs/miracles and you witness 3. Those who lie to their Lord, Their place to stay will be hell 4. So he said: verily I believe and I am not from the liars, and I know what you don't know
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