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Elias Haroun Poetry Assignment 3 ١ ل"#$%ا و (#)%ا *+و ,-.+ نر123 . ٢ 45ا"6ا 78 491:3 ،4<و ،7=1:9 ,.< ،>+129 ,.< ،,?"%ا @3"A (#)%ا . ٣ د1C? ,DEFو لEG3 19H-8 I#)J3 K ,Dأو ،1M-8 N3H:%ا ل"$3 IMOو1G9 تQRF ء"= @Tأ ,#Tأ نأو ،(#)%1F @3"A ,M?و ن1F . U-V9 ,9W)% 1C< I#)X ناو Y.GZ%ا Q:Z%ا 79 QV[%ا ا\T Translation 1. O Amro, your face is elongated. ..just how the dogs' faces are elongated 2. All the ugliness of a dog are in you. ..which might come off of them but not off of you 3. And has good things. ..May God and his apostle protect you from them (kept them away) 4. And the dog is faithful, and betrayal is in you.
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