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Unformatted text preview: ----------------------------------------------------------------------HW#8X SPECSCS108, SPRING 2009----------------------------------------------------------------------"EXTRA" HOMEWORKS=================Some students have asked for more homeworks, or more challenging homeworks.This is "HW#8X", meaning "Homework #8 Extra".* There is some Extra Credit, +5 pts, for doing the "Extra" HW.But, really, you should do it for the extra challenge,not necessarily for the extra points.* HW#8X does NOT "replace" the normal HW#8. You must still do "HW#8",since HW#8 covers different but important topics.----------------------------------------------------------------------HW#8X SPECS===========This problem is easy to do, if you generate all possible combinations.But, that would cause your program to run for days, months, or years.Instead, the ACM programming contest requires programs to complete runningin 1 minute or less. That limit is a requirement for HW#8X.I.e., you'll need to figure out ways to speed up your code.This is really quite challenging, even if it seems easy.Real contest problems must get submitted in 5 hours, but it may take youlonger, since this one is rough.HINT: this is similar to "bin packing", which is an NP-Complete problem,i.e. the Week#8 lecture notes discuss NPC problems....
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This note was uploaded on 08/17/2011 for the course CS 108 taught by Professor Ivanbajic during the Spring '09 term at San Diego.

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HW8x -...

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