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Unformatted text preview: ----------------------------------------------------------INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING HOMEWORKSCS107, FALL 2008----------------------------------------------------------The following is a typed-up version of info that will bediscussed and demonstrated during lecture.----------------------------------------------------------THE BASIC PROCEDURE===================In summary, you'll just email your source code(e.g., your "program file") to:[email protected] the email's Subject line, you MUST use the following format:CS107 HW2 YourFirstName YourLastNameE.g., if your submission lacks your name, then there might be no wayto know whom to credit for the homework.WARNING:If the proper subject line format isn't used,then 1 point will be permanently deducted from that HW's score.(I teach hundreds of students each semester,and mis-labeled homeworks cause lots of problems with filing and grading.So, a small penalty usually helps to decrease the number ofincorrectly-labeled HWs.)(Note: if you notice that you messed up the label, and you then resubmit theHW before the due date, then there won't be a penalty,because in that case your homework will be filed and graded correctly.)----------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT:==========...
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This note was uploaded on 08/17/2011 for the course CS 107 taught by Professor Ivanbajic during the Fall '08 term at San Diego.

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