Chapter 18 Review CON252

Chapter 18 Review CON252 - 3.4 times the amount of heat....

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Chapter 18 Review 2. A. Open in the rain. – An Awning. B. Maximum possible ventilation. – Casement or pivoting. C. High-rise window. – Fixed or limited swing. D. Expansive view. – Fixed E. Either casement or hopper. – Tilt or turn. 4. The worst possible R-value for a window is .9.This will lose approximately 22 times the heat as the wall. The best possible R-value for a window is 6 and will loses about
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Unformatted text preview: 3.4 times the amount of heat. 5. A. Closet – Bi-fold or swinging hallow door. B. Front door of house. – Swinging wood panel. C. Front door of store. – Revolving or automatic door. D. A door between arts school and cafeteria. – Fire door. E. Warehouse loading dock. – Overhead or coiling door....
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