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Chapter 17 Review CON252

Chapter 17 Review CON252 - 4 To allow for expansion and...

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Chapter 17 Review 2. A. Tempered glass - In a door, and in an all-glass wall. B. Laminated glass - In a bank teller's window and in windows that must reduce sound. C. Wired glass - In a fire door and in a fire separation wall. D. Patterned glass -In a window that requires visual privacy, in a transom light. E. Reflective glass - In west-facing or east-facing windows of most buildings, and in windows that reflect to the outside. F. Polycarbonate glazing sheet - In windows subject to vandalism, and in a skylight. 3. 1. To support the weight the weight of the glass in such a way that the glass is not subjected to intense or abnormal stress pattern. 2. To support the glass against wind pressure and suction. 3. To isolate the glass from the effects of structural deflations in the frame of the building and in the smaller framework of mullions that support the glass.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. To allow for expansion and traction of both glass and frame without damage to either. 5. T avoid contact of the glass with the frame of the window or with any other material that could abrade or stress glass. 4. North-facing glass is exposed to sunlight very early and very late in the day, and adds little solar heat to the building, so it can be clear glass. East-facing glass receives large amounts of solar energy during the morning hours; so tinted or reflective glass would be a good choice. South-facing glass receives only a moderate amount of solar heat during the summer months; clear glass can be used, tinted or reflective glass. The west-facing glass receives the same amount of solar energy as the east-facing glass, except during the afternoon; the glazing can be the same on the west as on the east....
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