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ENGL 1301 K. Sanders Chapter 6 Notes Chapter 6 – Description Three Ways to Organize by Description: 1. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONS - Depicts a physical appearance. (Person, place, or thing.) a. Expressive Description – Layered with emotions and meaning; Could be disjointed or fragmented. Ex: Journal that describes something. b. Literary Description - creates an aesthetic effect. Use of graphic, vivid images enhances the appeal for the reader. Ex: Description of a party that focuses on entertaining the reader. Uses humor and shock value in description. c. Persuasive Description – enticing the reader. Ex: catalog descriptions of items on sale. d. Referential Description – Focused on facts and accuracy. Ex: Describing a
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Unformatted text preview: medical procedure in a industry-related document. 2. DIVISION- Divides a Subject by Component Parts. Is different from classification because it focuses on parts not classes. Ex: Dividing a building up by parts (bricks, plaster, wood, etc.) 3. ANALYZE- Analyzing a Concept. Goes beyond division. Parts are identified and defined, relationships among various parts are explained, and interactions among the parts are described. Ex: The literary analysis we will do in Paper 4 and the department test. Identifying patterns/purposes/appeals and explaining how they relate....
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