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Comp-Contrast Paper - Student Example - Last Name 1 First...

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Last Name 1 English Composition1 Professor Sanders February 15, 2009 Rescuing your New Dog is Better than Purchasing from a Breeder Like many children, I always dreamed of having a puppy. When I graduated from college, I finally felt that my lifestyle was appropriate for the commitment of getting a dog. I chose to purchase my first dog from a breeder. At the time, I believed that going through a breeder would be the best way to predict the temperament and needs of the adult dog that cute puppy would grow to become. (Relating to the Reader) However, as I watched friends and coworkers rescue loving dogs and learned more about the benefits of rescue, I regretted my decision to support a breeder. I chose to rescue my second dog, and I am convinced that this is the best choice for others who are interested in getting a dog. (General Outline of essay)I will explain how by rescuing a dog rather than going through a breeder, you can predict future behavior and temperament(Logos), benefit from preliminary training(Logos), and make a much more humane For prospective dog owners, being able to predict the future size, temperament, and needs of the eventual adult dog is important. Having a dog is a significant responsibility. It is important to be realistic about the time commitment of having a dog, the exercise needs of the dog, and the financial commitment to care for that dog. Various dog breeds have general characteristics that can help predict the future needs of the dog and the general compatibility of a particular breed with the owner. Purchasing a dog from a breeder is not the only way to own a particular breed of dog. There are breed specific rescue organizations that can be found on the internet. Animal
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Comp-Contrast Paper - Student Example - Last Name 1 First...

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