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Guidelines for - mores and trends to explain the attitudes of current college students b Insert quote and document correctly Ex “The X and Y

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ENGL 1301 K. Sanders Using Quotes Guidelines for Using Quotes in Paper 3 1. Never use a quote to present your thesis statement or topic sentences. 2. Never use quotes in more than a quarter of your paper. Instead, rely on paraphrasing or summary. Using a lot of quotes gives the impression that you aren’t thinking on your own or that you copy/pasted your paper. Try to avoid using more than one block quotation in your papers. Try condensing long quotes with summary and the ellipsis. 3. Quote accurately. Always check each quotation against the original source, and then recheck it again. 4. Document quotes correctly using MLA formatting. 5. Integrate quotations smoothly in your writing: a. Introduce each quote with an attributive tag . Ex: In his critically acclaimed bestseller “Students’ Need to Assume Responsibility,” author Eric Thorton highlights changing social
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Unformatted text preview: mores and trends to explain the attitudes of current college students. b. Insert quote and document correctly . Ex: “The X and Y generations believe that all rules and policies can be ‘bartered’ or ‘argued’. These tendency can be traced back to their early immersion in multimedia” (125). c. Explain how the quote supports your ideas and the paper’s thesis or supporting paragraph’s topic sentence . Ex: In exploring current student’s early exposure to multimedia, Thorton supports the claim that students are accustomed to quick results and changing environments. As a result, it is no wonder that they believe policies don’t necessarily apply to them....
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