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ENGL 1301 K. Sanders Using Quotes II Guidelines for Using Quotes in Paper 4 1. Never use a quote to present your thesis statement or topic sentences. 2. Never use quotes in more than a quarter of your paper. Instead, rely on paraphrasing or summary. Using a lot of quotes gives the impression that you aren’t thinking on your own or that you copy/pasted your paper. Try to avoid using more than one block quotation in your papers. Try condensing long quotes with summary and the ellipsis. 3. Quote accurately. Always check each quotation against the original source, and then recheck it again. 4. Document quotes correctly using MLA formatting. 5. How to write the “abc” pattern in supporting paragraphs of Paper 4: a. List each characteristic with a sentence . Ex: As a means for organizing his short story and highlighting his theme, Twain compares/contrasts his youthful viewpoint of the river to his
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Unformatted text preview: older viewpoint of the river. b. Provide Textual Example (Make sure you are correctly documenting) . Ex: I stood like one bewitched. I drank it in, in a speechless rapture. The world was new to meBut as I have said, a day came when I began to cease from noting the glories and the charms which the moon and the sun and the twilight wrought upon the rivers face (125). c. Explain how the quote supports the characteristic listed and/or the papers thesis or supporting paragraphs topic sentence . Ex: Through his comparison of the changing physical features of the Mississippi river and the desires and ideologies of a young boy and a man, Twain highlights his themes of eventuality and mortality. In addition, he emotionally appeals to his audience by characterizing experiences that all humans can relate to....
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