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Austin community college English 1301 – Composition I Info Game Worksheet Name: _Esaias Tong_____________________________________ Section: _057____________ This is to be filled out while going through the Info Game ( ). When you are finished you should have: a focused topic good search terms and what sources are needed citation to at least one reference source citation to a book citation to one or more articles from periodicals experience with quotes, paraphrasing, and documentation If you need help, contact a librarian in person, by phone, by chat, by instant message, or by e-mail. See 1. Write your topic and thesis statement: Topic: Thesis statement: 2. List keywords to use when searching for your topic. Remember to include of variations of your keywords (for example, teenagers OR adolescents OR teens). 3. Do an information needs checklist for your topic.
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infogame_worksheet - Austincommunitycollege...

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