lesson 1 ala - Mozart attempts to establish an intimate...

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Esaias Tong Lesson 1 ALA 7/17/11 1.) What type of expressive writing does this represent? The letter from Mozart represents interpersonal self-expression as matters of mutual interest to Mozart and his wife are present in this letter. 2.) What matters of mutual interest are suggested? The previous letters Mozart sent to his wife and the ones received from his wife are listed in the letter. This is a shared experience that creates a bond between the couple. When Mozart states “So if you too had to spend seventeen days in the same condition, one of my letters must have been lost” in the letter, he is attempting to intensify the bond between him and his wife. 3.) How is intimacy revealed or established? In the letter, Mozart calls his wife “Dearest, most beloved, most precious little Wife”. He also states he was “above measure delighted to receive here your dear letter”. It is obvious that
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Unformatted text preview: Mozart attempts to establish an intimate relationship from these words although they are separated from each other. He also attempts to establish an ongoing relationship by implicitly asking where her letters have gone. 4.) What social or personal obligations are being fulfilled? Or questioned in this particular letter? Periodic Letters between couples is a social obligation being fulfilled as couples are considered by society to have good communication and love between one another, especially if they are separated from a long distance as in the letter. The expectations from Mozart to receive these letters is shown from his concern about the letters gone astray. It may also have been a Esaias Tong Lesson 1 ALA 7/17/11 personal obligation for them to agree to send letters to each other and Mozart may have been questioning his wifes obligation to send him letters....
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lesson 1 ala - Mozart attempts to establish an intimate...

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