mla sample - Your last name 1 Your Name Professors Name...

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Your last name 1 Your Name Professor’s Name Class Name Date Title This is a sample document designed to show you how to set up an assignment in MLA format. All assignments submitted for our course must be submitted in this format. Failure to do so will result in a one-letter grade penalty for that assignment. If you are using WordPerfect software, your task is really quite simple. When you open up WordPerfect, before you type anything in your document, do the following: select Start from the menu to the left of the screen. You will see a drop down menu that offers you the choice of “Blank Document” or “New Project/Existing Document.” You want to select “New Project/Existing Document.” A small window titled PerfectExpert will appear. This window has a drop down menu with the documents in that category listed below. Click on the arrow beside the drop down menu and select the category “education.” A new list will appear below offerring several different types of documents. Scroll down until you see “MLA report.” Click on “MLA Report” then click on the button “Create.” You will see a window which tells you that the document you are about to open contains Macros; click on yes. At this point, a document will appear with words typed in [brackets]. The words in the brackets explain what you should type there. Simply double click on the area with the brackets and type in the requested information. All of the margins and headers are set automatically for you. If you are using Microsoft Word, you do not have such an option.
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mla sample - Your last name 1 Your Name Professors Name...

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