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Explain a process (given reasons for a process each constituents) The Process of Studying Effectively I. Introduction : a. Hook – Ask a question [Everyone is different; everybody has their own way of studying.] However, developing this optimal process of effectiveness of utmost importance. b. Thesis - the process of studying effectively II. Supporting Paragraph 1 : a. Topic Sentence- Participation and Independence [or instead memory techniques] Reason 1. Must be attentive in lecture but also independent through self-learning, Go over the material before lecture. Pay attention in lecture. III. Supporting Paragraph 2
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Unformatted text preview: : a. Topic Sentence- Natural Motivation and External Incentive-based motivation Reason 1. Natural Motivation and innate interest is critical to studying a subject 2. If all fails, Incentives can always bring about the result, however, when the incentive is removed, the result may not be long lasting. IV. Supporting Paragraph 3 : a. Topic Sentence – Time Management vs Procrastination Reason 1. Managing time well is essential – e.g. Skinner managed his time well in grad school when he was falling behind 2. V. Conclusion : a. Work smart and hard....
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