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My Writing Processes Beg (1)

My Writing Processes Beg (1) - Tong 1 Esaias Tong Professor...

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Tong 1 Esaias Tong Professor K. Sanders English Composition I 7/4/11 My Writing Processes Paper – Beg. Of Semester When given enough time, I approach my writing assignment generally by taking these steps in chronological order: First, I think about the topic carefully, especially how I should approach the respective audience and then I write down on a piece of paper what may be relevant to the topic. Next, I trim down the material that is irrelevant and make a list of important content and key ideas to include in the assignment. Then, I think about the topic sentence for each paragraph. After that, I think about an attractive beginning paragraph to capture the reader’s attention and how I am going to end the assignment. I usually create an organized outline of my entire assignment before starting to type the first draft on my computer. Depending on the amount of time allocated, I usually write only one rough draft if there is relatively limited time. If there is relatively more time, I write multiple drafts and go through
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