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Outline Paper 4 - III Analysis Para 2 = PRIMARY PATTERN a...

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I. Introduction a. State the author and title of the essay being analyzed.  Kesaya E. Noda  Growing Up Asian in America b. Write a thesis statement (this should include the primary/secondary purposes of the essay;  the primary/secondary patterns of organization) Expressive c. Summary of the author’s key points; Interpretation of the author’s main point. (2-3 sentences) II. Analysis Para. 1  = PRIMARY PURPOSE Classification & Division Culture & Identity a. Topic Sentence that states the primary/secondary purposes of the essay. b. List characteristic c. Provide examples to support characteristic d. Explain how characteristic relates to purpose/pattern e. Cont. with characteristics using b/c/d pattern above
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Unformatted text preview: III. Analysis Para. 2 = PRIMARY PATTERN a. Topic Sentence that states the primary/secondary purposes of the essay. b. List characteristic c. Provide examples to support characteristic d. Explain how characteristic relates to purpose/pattern e. Cont. with characteristics using b/c/d pattern above IV. Evaluation a. Restate the thesis (also known as the subject and criteria). The subject in this case is the story and author. The criteria is the primary purpose and the and organization? Was the paper effective? Was the target audience reached? You may use 1 st person in this paragraph. How did the text affect you?...
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