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Tong 1 Esaias Tong Professor Sanders English Composition 1 July 7, 2011 The Process of Studying Effectively The process of studying is an essential skill. Everyone is different, everyone has their unique way of studying. However, it requires a painstaking trial and error process to find an optimal way of studying for an individual. Although it may seem like a never-ending pursuit, the student can develop a better process along the way. The approach and strategy to studying is just as important as the effort put into studying. By getting more and more acquainted with the mechanics of the studying, the individual’s process of studying can be much more effective. Both participation in the learning process and self-studying is vital to the process of studying efficiently. By being attentive in lectures, taking notes and following the instructors’ guidance, the student may be able to organize the material taught and adjust themselves to the right direction to prepare for studying. In a lecture, students should ask inspiring and thought- provoking questions which improves memory of the material. However, simple or trivial questions may be a nuisance to the class and the lecturer will probably get irritated. Questioning promotes development of critical thinking skills, which is imperative to absorbing the material effectively. This is because memory increases when connections are made; compared to memorizing concepts that are vague or abstract. Spending the time and work is essential, as both are needed to make the material stick in the mind. By being involved in the class lectures, paired
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Paper 1 - Tong 1 Esaias Tong Professor Sanders English...

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