Paper 2 - Tong 1 The audience of this letter is the...

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Tong 1 The audience of this letter is the community of residents of my apartment complex. They concern about their well-being. There are many security and management issues that affect the safety and convenience of residents that threaten our well-being so I plan to write a letter with a petition attached to gather enough signatures to report to the management office and improve the management concerns.
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Tong 2 Esaias Tong English Composition1 Professor Sanders July 13, 2011 Dear Neighbor: I am writing to seek your support for a plan to improve the security and management issues in our apartment. I am a resident of 2nd floor block C for almost 2 weeks and I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoy living here. The picturesque environment and you friendly neighbors make it worthwhile to live here. However, I would like to address some of the management and security issues of the apartment. I personally observed that the apartment’s security and tenant service aspects of the building management have inherent problems and should be improved. By signing the petition attached, we can make a collective effort to change the apartment’s security and the convenience of residents from its current state. As you know, the apartment complex has 24-hour management officials standing guard at the entrance, but there are many solicitors who may have gone in and out unchecked as there are no thorough identity checks. This is probably due to the large amount of workers entering and exiting the complex because of the recent renovation project to refurnish our residential facilities. This is a security issue we must consider because nearby apartments have lately reported an increase in the number of thefts and police reports indicate that the tailgaters managed to gain entry and leave unnoticed with the stolen items. To protect the safety and well- being of tenants and prevent potential thefts, we should make sure that the apartment management personnel should check the identities of incoming people meticulously. To achieve this, there should be a mandatory sign up at the management office for the workers to ensure the
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Paper 2 - Tong 1 The audience of this letter is the...

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