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Tong 1 Esaias Tong Katie Sanders ENGL 1301 08/4/11 Computer Operating Systems In this technological age, almost everyone has a computer. Since 2002 alone, over 1 billion computers have been sold worldwide. (Kanellos 1) Behind all this hardware is the computer’s operating system, the magical platform of the computer. It helps to run the various computer applications simultaneously and is the manager of the computer. The best computer operating system is the one that gives the user the least problems. However, determining the best computer operating system is a hard choice, as all the different computer operating systems have their own unique characteristics and specific uses. They have many common features as well as significant differences. When shopping for a computer operating system, the choices are generally one of the main three operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. In this choice sparks a question of curiosity - which one is the best operating system? To judge which is the best, the three operating systems will be assessed in the following four criteria: popularity, security, user interface, compatibility and cost. Windows’ sheer user numbers could be a signal that it is the best. But Windows may be popular simply because of its popularity. However, it’s popularity takes a heavy toll. It is so widely used that most hackers design viruses to specifically attack Windows users. To aggravate the problem, there are a huge number of loopholes exploited by computer viruses and many bugs in Windows. However, Windows still remains the most popular computer operating system, accounting for over 80% of all computer operating systems in Europe used as of 2011 ("Apple’s
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Tong 2 operating systems generate almost 1 visit out of 10 in Europe"). This may sound as a contradiction, but the explanation for this paradox is fairly simple - most people enjoy the convenience of turning on the same machine, surfing the web on the same browser or playing their favorite computer games on the same user interface. A familiar user interface makes it attractive to most people as familiarity is necessity. People do not want to switch between different computer operating systems mainly because of the hassle. Besides, the widespread compatibility of many Windows programs draws in even more users as most computer software and programs are designed for the Windows interface exclusively. Therefore, many computer gamers adore it for its widespread compatibility and numerous home users intend to use it as a home desktop operating system. Windows is not very pricey either. Although Windows is relatively more expensive compared to Linux, most versions are cheaper than Mac. (Shelly 419) For instance, all new versions of Windows 7 are less expensive than Mac OS X Tiger. This makes Windows more attractive to the typical user who is price sensitive and seeking a computer for everyday use. Mac is a decent operating system and it has the potential to be the best. As of 2011, Mac
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Paper 3 edit - Tong 1 Esaias Tong Katie Sanders ENGL 1301...

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